Polyurethane Cement:
Self-Levelling, Sloping, Parging, Coves

Polyurethane cement is an alternative product that we recommend for high traffic areas, areas of extreme thermal shock, or areas of excessive water exposure.

Polyurethane is useful in small or large areas, and is applied at thicknesses of 1/4 inch – 2 inches. Smooth or anti-slip options are available.


Foodgrade, Antimicrobial, Seamless

The Epoxyguys have been servicing food-grade plants since day 1.

We ensure that the strict standards and requirements of Canada Food Inspection Agency are met during the installations of our floors.

Waterproofing Membrane:
Kitchens, Hospitals, Multi-Residential Complexes

Our polyurethane waterproofing membrane system provides a wall-to-wall seal to prevent water from ever penetrating through to the subfloors, preventing long-term mold and water damage.