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At Epoxyguys, we pride ourselves on quality commercial flooring work. Whenever commercial/industrial epoxy floors or concrete floors are needed, we are the go-to team in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario.

Services We Provide

A dedicated team of professionals installs our epoxy systems at the most competitive rates and with the utmost professionalism. As a growing small/medium-sized family-owned company, we ensure high-quality coatings and aim for the best customer service.

Commercial/Industrial Epoxy Flooring Toronto

  • Number one offering. Larger epoxy installations (2000sqft to 50000sqft+)

  • Our epoxy flooring services will be great for warehouses, commercial kitchens, hospital rooms, washrooms in commercial/industrial settings, restaurants, storefronts, food plants, commercial distribution centres, coolers, bakeries, and more.

  • Our 100% solids epoxy coating is installed in 2 or 3 coats. It can be smooth and glossy for ease of cleaning or rough with texture to prioritize safety.

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Polyurethane Flooring

  • When it comes to polyurethane cement industrial flooring service, we are the most reliable experts in the GTA.

  • This material is heavy-duty resin is installed at a 1/4 inch thick and top coated creating a very durable and resistant surface.

  • Polyurethane Flooring services are mainly for warehouses, hospitals, commercial kitchens, food plants, coolers, bakeries, and more industrial settings.

  • More suited for moist and water-intensive areas

Industrial Polished Concrete & Concrete Grinding

  • Concrete polishing & grinding service includes either grinding clean concrete repetitively until extremely glossy or a one step grind and removal of an existing floor.

  • This service would be excellent for warehouses, distribution centers, and more.

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Why Hire The Industry Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Polyurethane Experts?

Every floor is thoroughly prepped and installed using quality machinery and resins. Our attention to detail and careful procedures ensure a lasting bond and a quality finish. Our epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurethane services are reliable, durable, and will satisfy all your industrial concrete coating needs!

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Epoxyguys is your local polyurethane cement & epoxy flooring company in Toronto, Ontario. We serve all around GTA, including

We always do our best to provide the finest industrial and commercial epoxy flooring service. Our 20+ years of experience helps us to bring the highest value to your project.

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