Manufacturing Facility Flooring

“Optimizing Operations with Durable Floors”

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Commercial Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities are a very busy and fast-paced environment.

From forklifts to foot traffic, the flooring must be able to withstand heavy workloads while also requiring easy and low maintenance. It is important for a factory to have a proper flooring resistant to slips and damages, as well as resistant to liquids and bacteria. 

Manufacturing Facilities require epoxy, polyurethane, joint filling, or even ESD flooring to ensure the ability to maintain efficient and safe production standards. Line painting can also be used to outline walkways, entrances, restricted zones, directions, etc.

Also, A visually appealing flooring shows to the visitors that management runs a clean, safe, and proper environment for production and storage. 

Our services are perfect for loading areas, production areas, kitchens, washrooms, lobbies and more!

Benefits for Manufacturing Facility Floors:

  • Seamless surface
  • Does not support bacteria and microbial growth
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Chemical Protection
  • By coving and render allow a smooth transition from wall to floor
  • Very resistant – Can withstand the hardest physical abrasions
open floor with polished flooring