Sloping and Cove in Toronto

Our Industrial or Commercial Epoxy Sloping & Cove Service Is the High-Performance Solution to Your Concrete. We provide our service all over Toronto.

Why Are We Troweling Experts


We are experts at sloping ineffective existing concrete towards the drain to prevent puddling water. Sometimes, water needs to be rerouted to drains to allow other processes to flow. Sitting water and puddling is often seen as a safety hazard and breeding place for bacteria. For production areas that are routinely washed down on a daily basis, proper drainage is essential to efficiently washing the floor and keeping the warehouse clean. 

Coved Base

We install radius and 45 degree, up to 6 inches high +. Coved based goes in the corners where the floor meets the wall, and allows water to effectively flow down to the drains after washing the walls above. Sitting water in corners can be hard to reach and dry in turn creating a breeding ground for bacteria. We install coved base first and seal it under either an epoxy or polyurethane coating.

Transition Ramps

Smooth out transitions before coating to eliminate trip hazards and allow carts/small wheels to roll freely. Concrete slabs move with the earth and often do not sit flush with eachother. These changes in elevations need to be smoothed out to make sure the workplace is safe and seamless for important production processes to carry on.

flooring of commercial facility

Benefits of Sloping, Coved Base and Ramps

  • Antibacterial

  • Prevents sitting water

  • Eliminate tripping hazards and bumps

  • Adhere to food inspection regulations

  • Ease of cleaning high moisture areas

  • Keep water contained in an area up to 6 inches high