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At Epoxyguys, we take pride in being one of the leading flooring contractors, now extending our expertise in epoxy flooring to Richmond Hill. Renowned for our high-quality commercial and industrial epoxy flooring solutions, we bring the same level of excellence to residential spaces in the Toronto Area.

Our Flooring Services

Epoxyguys offers a range of epoxy flooring coatings, from 100% solids epoxy installed in 2 to 3 coats to custom finishes. Our clients have the flexibility to choose between smooth, glossy finishes for a sleek look and easy cleaning, or textured surfaces for enhanced safety and grip.

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    Commercial Spaces: Enhanced with Epoxy Flooring

    For businesses in Richmond Hill, our commercial epoxy flooring is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic and constant use. Durable and robust, these floors not only endure daily wear and tear but also enhance the professional look of your commercial premises. Ideal for a variety of settings including storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, and healthcare facilities, our flooring solutions strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

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    Our industrial services are an excellent choice for businesses seeking both quality and style. Our proficiency extends to garage flooring as well, where we deliver durable and stylish solutions tailored for both residential and commercial garages.

    Where Should You Use Concrete Polishing?

    Professional Polished Concrete and Grinding Services

    Epoxyguys excels not only in epoxy flooring but also in industrial polished concrete and grinding. This service significantly boosts both the durability and visual appeal of concrete floors. It’s an exceptional choice for commercial settings such as warehouses, retail storefronts, and even high-traffic office spaces. By choosing polished concrete, you’re opting for a flooring solution that’s not just practical but also offers a sleek, contemporary look with minimal upkeep. Our precision grinding technique ensures a smooth, glossy finish that can withstand the daily demands of commercial use, making it a smart investment for any business looking for longevity and style in their flooring.

    Polyurethane Cement Flooring: The Industrial Choice

    Our polyurethane cement flooring expertise is a game-changer for industrial spaces. This heavy-duty resin solution is laid down at a robust 1/4-inch thickness and sealed with a durable top coat. It’s an ideal choice for high-demand areas like warehouses, hospitals, and commercial kitchens.

    kitchen flooring

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    Customer Reviews

    What People Say
    It took us many years of searching to finally find a professional and reliable company and you can look no further than the Epoxy Guys. They have very well trained crews and have a passion for epoxy flooring. The owners actually care about the results and will provide an in-depth consultation and updates throughout the job to ensure everyone is one the same page and that the results meet everyone's expectations.
    Matthew Maida
    Georgian Properties, Mississauga, Ontario
    Why Epoxyguys Flooring Company?

    Choosing Epoxyguys means opting for a flooring company that excels in quality and attention to detail. Our thorough preparation and installation processes, using the best machinery and resins, ensure a lasting finish and strong bond. Reliable, durable, and satisfying to both aesthetic and functional needs, our epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurethane services are designed to meet all your flooring requirements in Richmond Hill.

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