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    Professional Joint Filling Services

    If completely coating the floor is not an option, filling joints and cracks is a quick and efficient way to achieve a seamless floor. Shipping areas or heavy forklift traffic zones are often best left as sealed concrete, but joints and cracks can often collect debris making it harder to clean the floor, or can be breeding spots for bacteria. Cracks and Joints can also become rough transitions over time, which in turn can disrupt the wheels of carts or even become unsafe tripping hazards in the workplace

    We also use a variety of different products allowing us to cater the specific needs of the operation business. For places that run 24 hours non stop, we have a very fast setting crack filler (15-30 minutes until fully cured) that is able to be done during production.

    Our procedure is cutting out the joint to clear of debris and open the joint larger. Next we fill with the material. After setting, we have the option of grinding down the transition by hand to make it more flush, or shaving it down with a razor.

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    Why to Go with Joint Filling

    • Inexpensive

    • Antibacterial

    • Facilitate cleanliness and ease of cleaning

    • Create a Safer work environment

    • Can be done during production