Parking Deck Flooring

“Optimizing Operations with Durable Floors”

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A traffic coating, also known as waterproofing membrane system

 is necessary to protect concrete surfaces where moisture, constant usage and chemicals can damage the concrete and the steel reinforcements beneath. Inevitable snow and water from cars needs to be accounted for on multi level parking decks.

Any concrete surface containing underlying steel reinforcements. When permeated, these structures could be compromised due rust and corrosion and they are extremely expensive to fix. A properly installed traffic coating system not only prolongs the life of the structure, it creates a waterproof barrier for usable spaces below the concrete deck, and is often building code for underground parking lots.

Our general system consists of a flexible membrane that is resistant to cracking that goes wall to wall and vertically 4 inches. On top of that is our reliable epoxy coating to ensure durability and long lasting wear protection. Line painting of different shapes is also available to indicate direction, lanes, etc.

Benefits for Traffic coatings:

  • Reduces risk of critical damage to structure
  • Floor protection
  • Reduction in cost of insurance claims
  • Salt and moisture protection
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Anti-slip.
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