Toronto Floor Preparation

Our Industrial or Commercial Epoxy Flooring Preparation Service Is the High-Performance Solution to Fortifying Your Concrete. We provide our service all over Toronto.

Beginning Of The Floor Preparation

We have the machinery to remove existing floors and get the concrete clean and ready for any resurfacing! Vinyl, Tiles, Mortar and Glue from the past can be an obstacle for someone looking to resurface the floor. Getting down to the true substrate allows the floor to be level and structurally sound, allows glue to bond, or makes the floor fit for absorbing the material. This step is the true secret to a long lasting floor.We can get most square footage prepped in only 1 day.

Our Concrete Surface Preparation Services Fall into 3 Main Categories:

Shot Blasting and Scarifying

For raw concrete from a brand new slab to an extremely pitted unlevelled concrete slab, shot blasting is a more aggressive prep approach leaves a very aggressive CSP profile for heavy duty bonding. This process involves shooting steel shot directly at the floor in a linear pattern, completely exposing the pores and leaving small grooves for the material to mechanically adhere to. If shotblasting is not enough, our scarifyers can break the floor down a quarter inch and leave an extremely rough profile to bond to. 

epoxyguys floor prep and grinder
epoxyguys contractor preparing floor with machine

Floor Scraping

Coating on existing overlays can cause failure soon after. Existing floating floors such as hardwood, vinyl plank, tiles and even thick resins can be removed easily by our riding scraper machine. At over 1000 Lbs, our riding scraper is heavy enough to remove the previous overlays quickly and safely. It is able to fit through standard door openings and is much quieter than chipping hammers. For along the wall and hard to reach places, we use chipping hammers and hand scrapers to ensure that the existing floor is completely removed, and the substrate is ready for further prep. 

Floor Grinding

Grind off paint and contaminations from the surface of concrete Just like painting, paving or cooking, the most important part of a high-quality long lasting floor coating is the preparation. The centre of a concrete slab is like a sponge.  When concrete finishers are done there, they close the outer surface off and water it, leaving a smooth and closed surface. Grinding the concrete re-exposes the pores of the floor allowing materials to penetrate the surface and properly bond. We have a variety of heavy duty diamond grinders and vacuums to grind the cap off any floor, and leave minimum dust behind. We are also able to remove existing glue or mortar that is often left behind after removing Vinyl or tiles. Unlevel joints or high spots can be ground down to smooth out transitions. Our hand grinders can also grind ¼ inch from the wall or get any tough to reach places like under machinery or in corners.

epoxyguys concrete preparation grinder
preparing floor to with machines
Why to go with Concrete Surface Preparation
  • Remove old failing floor

  • Get floor ready for new overlay or epoxy coating

  • Restore the original condition of a contaminated slab

  • Get a floor prepped without renting large machinery

  • Quick turnaround