Concrete Sealing in Toronto

Protect The Life of Your Concrete. We can make your concrete look good again and keep it looking good.

    Seal your Concrete to Prevent Dust and Staining

    Beautify and protect your raw concrete floors with a penetrating sealers. Unlike epoxy and polyurethane, a sealer penetrates deeply an adds no thickness to a concrete slab. A sealer will harden and seal the pores of the concrete to resist fluids, staining of the floor and other wear and tear. Another benefit of sealers is that when they do wear down, it is quick and straightforward to reseal it, and does not require complete overhaul and prep of the floor, which could lead to downtime and inconveniences. Sealers come in different colours and compositions, which can be assessed and catered to your specific needs.

    We have 2 main offerings when it comes to concrete sealers:

    Penetrating Densifiers

    chemically harden and close the pores of the concrete. Often done while polishing, this step makes a raw concrete surface into a stronger more durable surface that will be resistant to wear and tear, moisture, chemicals, in turn preventing future deterioration of the floor.

    Water-based Sealers

    Low VC, Low environmental impact, very attractive matte finish Our water-based epoxy and polyurethanes have many benefits, the most noticeable being the beautiful finish. Our water-based epoxy is a customer favourite due to its natural, polished like, finish, but unlike polish has a sophisticated satin finish. Another benefit of the product when compared to traditional epoxy clear coats is that it brightens the shade of the existing concrete instead of darkening like a regular clear coat due to its wet look. 

    Why choose a Concrete Sealer?

    • Natural Concrete look

    • Satin Finish Option

    • Keeps concrete looking bright and light

    • Chemically harden the concrete

    • Adds no thickness to the slab

    • Resist fluids and staining

    • Prevent wear

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