Traffic Coatings and Waterproofing Membrane in Toronto

Traffic Coatings and Waterproofing Membrane Service Is the High-Performance Solution to Fortifying Your Concrete.

Expert Traffic Coating Services

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Our waterproofing membrane consists of a flexible membrane first coat that is resistant to cracking and keeps out moisture, followed by a durable epoxy topcoat to resist wear and add extreme durability. We use this system in high car traffic areas as well as areas where there is a living space beneath. If water penetrates a slab it can gradually deteriorate the concrete and metal reinforcements within, which can lead to extreme water damage and eventually structural failure; this is why it is building code to have a membrane in any suspended parking deck floor.

This system also has excellent protection against cracking due to its amazing adhesion and elongation ratings, which makes it a suitable option for weaker subfloors that flex and move with the traffic above. Along with water resistance, out waterproofing system is designed to have extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical stability.

Why choose Waterproofing Membrane?

  • Properly waterproof Parking Decks and Suspended slabs

  • Concrete above living spaces (Basements)

  • Protect against water damage to spaces below

  • Keep an unstable subfloor intact

  • Extreme flexibility and elongation while maintaining durability

commercial traffic coating and waterproofing membrane flooring