Line Painting in Toronto

Line Painting Services

We offer clean and straight lines,  fully customized to whatever shapes or layout you need for your workplace. Epoxy Lines are more durable and last much longer than traditional line paint, and keep their bright colour. 

Yellow lines are essential in the warehouse and production area to ensure safety and order. Walkways, restricted areas, fire extinguishers and more can all be safely indicated to workers in highly populated areas using yellow epoxy.

We also paint curbs yellow to indicate changes of elevation and inevitable tripping hazards in mechanical rooms, production areas and more. This is often a building code of occupational health and safety and needs to be put in place for a safe workplace.

We have experience with interior and exterior crosswalks, walkways, floor signage, of all different sizes, shapes and colours!

Why Choose Us for Line Painting

  • Outline designated areas and walkways in the workplace

  • Make your warehouse safer or flow better

  • Add a pop of colour to the warehouse

  • Epoxy lasts longer and is more durable than paint

  • Organize the Warehouse area for more efficiency