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Self leveling toppings are used to make a floor smooth & flat or level depending on the requirement. It can be installed over various existing floors to resurface. Usually this is an underlayment for other finished flooring systems that are wear surfaces such as vinyl or ceramic flooring. Self leveling toppings can be used in various applications such as residential, commercial and industrial. The Epoxyguys can pump your self leveling from up to 100ft away making install quick and competitive. Get is touch with us and hire the best self leveling flooring contractors in Toronto, Ontario.

benefits of self leveling flooring in Greater Toronto Area

Benefits of Self leveling flooring:

  • Smooth & flat

  • Underlayments or wear surface

  • Facilitates tile or flooring installation

  • Seamless Substrate

  • Fast turn around time

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Both decorative and functional, we have an array of styles and techniques to cater to your business’s epoxy needs. Decorative coatings we provide an alternative to the traditional full flake include matte and metallic finishes for commercial epoxy floors.
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In order to make your commercial flooring more durable, we will apply epoxy coatings in the best way possible. Whether it’s preparing existing floors or repairing cracks and imperfections, we’ve got you covered!

We always do our best to provide the finest industrial and commercial epoxy flooring service. Our 20+ years of experience helps us to bring the highest value to your project.

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