Epoxy Flooring Guide for Commercial Applications.


Consider having a dingy floor on a commercial space with heavy foot traffic, get the image? That’s definitely not something you would want your place of business to have. Commercial floors require a particular standard of flooring treatment and solutions. The options you have on the Toronto flooring solutions market includes polished concrete, urethane cement flooring, and epoxy flooring. Among these three, epoxy flooring provides the safest, most stain and chemical resistant solution. It’s also the easiest to clean amongst the commercial flooring solutions available!

Here’s everything you need to know about picking, installing, and maintaining epoxy flooring for your company from our Epoxy Flooring Guide for Commercial Applications.

Picking the Right Commercial Flooring Guide

Epoxy Flooring Solution is the smart choice for any Toronto commercial space. Epoxy flooring is not only durable and rugged, but also bacterial resistant. Epoxy floors are simple to keep clean, even with only sweeping and mopping. You can use it in commercial kitchens, warehouses, hallways, and other areas that need to be constantly sanitized, such as hospitals, laboratories, and cafeterias, because it is low-maintenance and germ-resistant. Aside from this Epoxy floors are ideal for spaces that need to meet exacting safety regulations because of their durability, smoothness, and high performance. By preventing cracks, epoxy floors can add an extra layer of security, and because of their sheen, they can make your spaces up to 200% brighter.

Installation of Epoxy Flooring

If you plan to invest in installing an epoxy floor in your Toronto commercial space, contacting an expert on the trade is your best bet. This will save you from costly mistakes and wrong decisions in choosing the right flooring solution for your space. The process of installing an epoxy floor to your work area can be a complex task.

In installing epoxy flooring, temperature is one of the most important factors for professionals working with hard floors. Epoxy may bubble and peel after curing if the temperature is too high. The time for the pot changes if it’s too chilly. Pot time is the amount of time it takes for the epoxy mixture to react. You have less time to work with the product when it is warmer. Colder weather gives you a little more time to finish the application process. Humidity is another aspect of the weather that contributes. In general, the dew point level tends to be closer to room temperature as the temperature drops. Due to the relative humidity caused by this, adding an epoxy finish to an uncured product may result in moisture condensing on the surface. Increased moisture causes the floor’s surface to flush, lose luster, and develop flaws.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to contact a flooring expert in your area before you tackle an epoxy flooring project. An expert will know what you need to be able to complete your project perfectly and on your budget. A trained epoxy flooring expert will also assess and have a team that will manage your project without excluding you throughout the process.

Maintaining a Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Take note that the benefits of having epoxy flooring is not cheap. Epoxy floors are more expensive than other flooring solutions and treatments but investing in them will give you a run for your buck because of its long-lasting lifespan. Epoxy floors are more tear and wear resistant, this makes epoxy flooring cheaper in terms of maintenance and repair. For example, when you install a polished concrete floor on your commercial kitchen you would have to invest intermittently on the upkeep and cleaning in order to maintain your kitchen floor since polished concrete is less resilient than having an epoxy flooring, as compared to when you install an epoxy concrete flooring in your commercial kitchen.

In spaces with highly high traffic, upkeep should be performed rather regularly every few months. Due to Epoxy flooring’s ability to repel abrasive particles and debris due to its seamless, tight seal, most often it requires very little cleaning and maintenance. Its ability to repel dust makes it a hypo-allergenic product, making it safer for customers and staff members who have allergies. Making it the economical choice for any commercial floor.    

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