Guide to Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Guide to Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

In order to remain intact and last for a long time, industrial floors require special care due to the daily corrosion they undergo. Commercial floor cleaning equipment and other industrial cleaning appliances are essential for maintaining and ensuring that the floors of your commercial and industrial spaces last long.

Throughout their life cycle, industrial floors need to be properly maintained, from construction to daily use. In order to maintain industrial floor integrity, proper cleaning procedures and techniques must be used. Floor sweepers play a vital function in this process. Cleaning and maintaining industrial floors help companies conform to safety standards while allowing their floors to handle daily heavy use. The type and texture of the floor determine the kind of cleaning method and equipment that should be used.

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Importance of cleaning your Industrial Floor

While it is important to keep industrial floors clean for their aesthetic value, safety is the number one reason. Floors in industrial environments are subjected to all kinds of forces and materials that may erode the surface. The movement of machinery, stock, and workers may exert heavy force on these floors. The floor surface can also be covered in a variety of substances, such as oils and grease. Therefore, floor cleaning can ensure worker safety and facilitate smooth operations without any obstacles.

Having oil, grease, chemicals, and other substances spilled onto unclean floor surfaces can pose a serious safety risk to workers and transport equipment. Failure to clean them can lead to injuries and equipment damage. As well as ensuring the safety of workers and protecting equipment, floor maintenance can also contribute to the preservation of the value of the building.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment: Floor Sweepers, Scrubbers and Combination of Sweeper/Scrubbers

Now let’s dive right into the most popular Industrial floor cleaning equipment. We will explain in simple terms to give you a general idea quickly instead of going too much into detail:

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

A floor scrubber, also known as an auto scrubber, is designed to clean floors such as those found in warehouses, hospitals, and educational facilities.

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Parking lots, foundries, and lumber yards are typical outdoor environments for floor sweepers.

Combination Sweeper/Scrubber

It is possible to sweep and scrub in one pass with a combination sweeper/scrubber. To keep dry debris out of the scrub solution, choose a machine with sweeping and scrubbing functions. The machine will be easier to clean and less expensive to maintain.

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How can You Choose the right Industrial Cleaning Equipment?

Numerous auto scrubbers are available on the market. You should consider these factors when selecting one:

  • Tank capacity

You should choose a scrubber with plenty of tank space to avoid employees wasting time emptying and refilling scrubber tanks. It’s best to go for the largest machine you can purchase and have space for. Larger machines come with the best tank capacities.

  • Machine size

Walk-behind scrubbers are effective at cleaning tight spaces and are versatile. They are comparable to a lawnmower or vacuum. For large, open areas to be cleaned, large, sit-down models are the best choice. Consider the operating areas so that you don’t run into a hallway or doorway that’s too narrow for your machine.

  • AC vs Battery operated

Battery-operated scrubbers are considered superior because of convenience and safety reasons. These machines can operate anywhere without needing an AC outlet nearby and you also mitigate the risk of employees tripping over wires.

  • Noise Level

Noise level is usually not an important factor in most industrial buildings but if you’re operating in schools, hospitals, and office buildings it is a good idea to opt for a quieter machine.

  • Ease of use

It shouldn’t be rocket science to use and operate an auto scrubber. Simple and intuitive machines are the way to go so that anyone can use them with little to no prior training.

  • Pressure and dilution adjustability

The machine should have options to adjust the pressure to get those tough stains out. Dilution adjustability will also give you control over your strong cleaning products.

Disc Floor Scrubbers vs Cylindrical Floor Scrubbers

You may need to choose between cylindrical or disc brush heads when choosing a floor scrubber. Let’s help you decide:

Disc Scrubber – There are two flat brushes or pads on a disc scrubber that spin at 300 RPM while water sprays between them. They are the best choice for cleaning tough soils and stains because of the high pressure provided by disc scrubbers. Replacement pads also come cheaper compared to cylindrical scrubbers.

Cylindrical Scrubber – With these scrubbers, small debris is wetly swept into a removable tray while the floor is being washed at the same time. They utilize two brush heads that turn in opposite directions. Brushes at the rear kick back and collect small dirt particles into a collection tray behind the scrub head. Side brushes are available if more debris needs to be captured.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers vs Ride-on floor scrubbers

As soon as you decide to buy a floor sweeper or scrubber, the next dilemma is whether you should consider buying a ride-on model or a walk-behind model.

Compared with manual machines, walk-behind machines make it easier for the user to move, making the user less weary and allowing the user to scrub a large area. While ride-on machines increase efficiency by 4 times versus manual sweeping or mopping, they aren’t suitable for all businesses.

Reasons to go for Ride-On Floor Cleaners

A ride-on sweeper or scrubber is particularly useful for customers with large facilities to clean. With ride-on machines, operators can cover large areas with less effort – making the most of every shift. With ride-on floor cleaning machines, productivity increases by 64 percent compared to walk-behind machines. Furthermore, the cost of ride-on floor cleaning machines pays for itself in three to six months through labour cost savings.

Reasons to go for Walk-behind sweepers or scrubbers

An ideal walk-behind machine is usually a good choice when the area to be cleaned is small-scale and/or includes tight corridors. Additionally, walk-behind machines are better suited to inclines and ramps.

Now that you have a better understanding of Industrial Floor cleaning equipment, you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to get started on cleaning your industrial floor.

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